From a little girl I have been fascinated by the natural world - crashing waves, autumn leaves and stormy skies. I loved to press flowers, collect shells and take bark rubbings.

Many years later I discovered clay and the sheer joy of working with this soft, sensual, responsive material. It was a true revelation that I could reproduce the wonderful shapes, colours and textures of the natural world and the beauty of forests, streams and oceans with an abstract, highly stylised, twist.

I am so lucky to have a studio in my garden and an electric kiln in an outbuilding. My commute to work is just twelve steps and it is a sheer joy to work hearing birds singing and marvel at the myriad of bugs that visit me.

My garden has become a haven and my passion for gardening knows no bounds. It is quite a small garden but I have loved cramming it with hostas, ferns and a multitude of plants that I am discovering along the way.